Sunday, February 6, 2011

Black Death

We rented the film Black Death last night and loved it.

The score by Christian Henson is brilliant.
Click below for a track:

And here for the opening titles cue.

And click here for samples.


Jon said...

Me too! GREAT flick.

Loved that scarecrow!

Samhainn said...

Really great flick. Had to check it out along with "I Saw the Devil" after reading last month's Rue Morgue and loved both of them. The inspiration the director received from "Aguirre" was so clear in "Black Death" fact, I'm not certain I didn't see Kinski lurking around in a few scenes, or at least someone who looked JUST like him. Very surreal!

Rot said...

We're planning on seeing I SAW THE to hear you dug it.

Jon, the scarecrow was a great part...I saw it and gasped to Bean: "DID YOU SEE THAT?!!!"

I actually did some searching online for it...nada.

Pam Morris said...

well, I watched the trailer and managed to find a copy so I'll be watching it soon. (already got the soundtrack...wonderfully amazing!)

The Gill-Man said...

Didn't know this was out yet. Really looks good, so it's great to hear that it lives up to the expectations!