Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I've featured artist Michael Fichtenmayer before on my blog. This morning I was looking over some more of his detailed models and can't believe what he achieves with miniatures. And it made me want to explore different painting techniques.

Click below to see how he simulates a rusted burnt-out car.

I still have Tin Man in the basement...I should rust him up and leave him out in the woods.


Pam Morris said...

hey, have you heard of the "Micro Mark" catalogue? they have an endless supply of 'aging' agents and powders, water effects, etc. I use a lot of this stuff with my sculpts and they really work well. granted, this catalogue is directed at the miniatures artist but you can still get a good idea on how to do stuff here.

Rot said...

Never heard of it. I'll go check it out. I've always been drawn to those types of things in craft or hobby for enhancing train platforms...but never had the project for it. And I never really thought about altering the ideas for larger props.

Rot said...

Two quick finds:,9562.html,7567.html

VERY cool.

The Gill-Man said...

I really dig that first pic. It's like a mixture of Jules Verne and The Beatles "Yellow Submarine".

JHMDF said...

Oh no... you can't leave tin man out in the woods... he's to cool.