Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trick 'R Treat Photo Album

Can't wait for Halloween? Neither can we. In anticipation of our favorite holiday, FEARnet's creating a brand new Trick ‘r Treat promo spot and we want you to be in it! Dust off the old photo album, send us pics or video of yourself as a kid dressed up for Halloween, and your image could appear alongside Michael Dougherty's devious little Sam.

Click below:

I'm totally going to dig out an old photo...maybe the Salt and Pepper one..


Sara said...

DO EET!!! Fun.

And I had to laugh at the S&P shaker one, the only one with your face covered, right? You're totally like the villain in Inspector Gadget. You only see his arm the whole series ;)

Also, how long did it take you to read the fine print on that baby? LOL! Did you notice how long they were? Maybe it's just me...

Rot said...

Fine print is always so scary.

Rot said...

And I'm totally like that villain.

In a lot of ways ; )

Marrow said...

Yes! You must!
I've always wondered which shaker is you. I'm guessing Salt by the tag in your sidebar.

By the way, when will we see pics of your scarecrow this year? Your followers can judge the scarecrow this time. I can guarantee you wont get an Honorable Mention :)

Ares Leviathan said...

I'm actually trying to build a full scale version of Sam for this year's Halloween.