Tuesday, June 26, 2012

He's Coming

When Michael Myers was six years old, he stabbed his sister to death. He was locked up for years in Smith's Grove Sanitarium, but he escaped. Soon after, Halloween became another word for mayhem.

Tommy Doyle, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers


Amy said...

Great idea...I might have to do that this year.

Keep waiting for the H6 directors cut blu ray. I think the atmosphere of 6 may be the best in the entire series. If H4 & H5 blu's sell well we may see a loaded H6.

Marrow said...

Parents easing up on the whole R16 thing.

'Halloween' and 'The Exorcist' should be arriving in the mail this Saturday...


Rot said...


I'm always amazed at the production value of the Exorcist...that movie is some high class horror.