Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quit Hard. Quit Often

My buddy Jon sent me this a while back, and I found it quite inspirational and wanted to share it.

Slight warning: It has some cussing in the text if your work filters catch stuff like that.



Frankenrock said...

Can't wait to see God Bless America.


I saw his film "God Bless America" in downtown LA a few weeks ago. It was too violent for me, and too angry, but I do understand. Completely. This city, the movie industry, our current political landscape which is rife with lies, can make people become very disillusioned, to say the least. Bob is a great guy, Jimmy Kimmel is a great guy too. Hollywood can be an extremely cruel town, I've lived here for nearly 40 years and have seen it up close. It can destroy people. It isn't what the rest of the world thinks, it's a very mean place, it's not a place for the weak, or for the sensitive. You can easily get lost or die. Don't aspire to become part of Hollywood, it's like Russian Roulette.

Rot said...

I've heard a similar description from a friend of mine who lives out there. Said the town changes a person, ruins them.

Don't worry. I'm firmly on the east coast and have no plans or aspirations for anything Hollywood.

bean said...

If we're going anywhere...it's to my beloved South.