Wednesday, November 7, 2012


24 April 1838
Passed the Dardanelles - East wind - Carrying 5
passengers, mate, crew of 7, and myself, the Captain.

6 May 1838
Rounded Cape of Inatagran - One of my men, the
strongest, is sick - Crew is restless, uneasy.

7 May 1838
Mate reported stowaway hiding below decks - Will

18 May 1838
Passed Gibraltar - Panic on board - Three men dead
already - Mate out of his mind - Rats in the hold - I
fear the plague. 


Holy Tarra said...

I have this same prop but it was so big it was a struggle to display. I really like this solution!!!! Looks GREAT!! Very Very clever way to set it up.

Ragged Grin said...

Oh Hell yeah! Top 5 H films ever right there...nicely done.

Sara said...

I heard that Nosferatu is one of Pope Benedict's fave films. :D I love it, myself.

Hopefully Bela Lugosi didn't roll over in his grave after hearing that.I love you Bela!!!!!!

Pam Morris said...

very cool mask and even cooler set-up!

girl6 said...


OMG...i love Love LOVE NOS!!!!!...
ohhhh how i Love this--it's Splendid...

God Bless..Max Schreck & Klaus Kinski...
Now i wanna watch---"Shadow of the Vampire" Again!!... : D