Friday, January 11, 2013


Dear professor Velmont:
My name is E. H. I am 45 years old, and I had a very strange experience. It happened on June 15, 2003, it was Sunday. After watching a movie  on TV, I went to sleep and after turning off the TV and the light, I felt the  presence of something or somebody in my room.  I had my eyes shut and when I opened them I saw three small beings  like humanoids. Their physical appearance had a resemblance to undernourished children in Africa, small and thin, with swollen bellies, they had a grayish  color, long and thin extremities, they had a bigger head and they didn't wear  clothes. However, I remember trying to pray in that moment, but they somehow  blocked my mind and I couldn’t pray anymore. I was paralyzed but conscious. I looked at them again and they blocked my sight as well.

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Shani said...

I'm not really into aliens for Halloween haunts...but that would definitely be a cool idea for anyone who is!