Monday, January 14, 2013

Flameless Candle

I've only seen the LED versions of these candles and they always seem too weak and unnatural-looking.  But this looks pretty neat.

Click below for the video:


girl6 said...

this is so Warm & Yummmy looking--like a Pumpkin Pie...Definitely makes me think of October... :)

Willow Cove said...

Yeah, in person they are pretty convincing. The "flame" wiggles or sways like a real flame. I might have to get one for the haunt.

Otaku said...

Not bad at all. There are some haunters are working feverishly to reverse-engineer this candle. There's always one (maybe two) things missing from even the best of the artificial candles, though - that little pool of molten wax. They always look too "dry" to me.