Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creature Double Feature

The Wicksboro Incident.  A found-footage style film which I absolutely worship.  Intensely creepy and loads of fun.  I've mentioned it before on the blog, but I just found the full movie on youtube.

Click here for Part One.

Here for Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

Part Five.


Willow Cove said...

Yeah, creepy movie. Very different than the run of the mill paranormal activity stuff. I think devious humans trying to silence you is scarier than kitchen cabinets slamming shut....for a film. Me likey! (Sorry, had a few beers)

Frankenrock said...

Looks good to me. :)

Rot you gotta check out this movie called Beyond the Black Rainbow. Crazy ass shots, lighting, mood, everything.. I think you'll dig it. Its up on Netflix streaming..

Rot said...

yup. I've seen that one.
Totally dug it.
Waiting for the soundtrack.
Though I fear it won't be released like they said it would.

Wikkedmoon said...

Good suggestions to watch tonight instead of the stupid academy awards show. Sorry - no offense to this who dig it.

girl6 said...

this movie was super Thrilling
i felt All amped up, like i did the 1st time i watched
"jeepers creepers"...oh mannnn

when they went back in the morning
to grab Lloyd's watch etc & the cop was there with the FBI...
omgggg..that was it for heart sped up & was shaking instead of beating...i was on a dark joy ride
for the rest of the movie...
soooo Intense!!!...

looks like the dude who played Lloyd started acting Later on in life...i thought he was Really Good in the movie...

Thanks rot for the Awesome suggestion---Keep 'em coming dude!!!!.. : D

Rot said...

HA..that's great!
yeah, I really LOVE this movie.
My bro and I will often impersonate Lloyd and yell "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE TROUBLE YOU'RE IN!!!"

He was fantastic and very convincing.

Found footage films are risky..almost always crappy...but not this one.

And that moment near the know the one...horrible...we all jumped when it happened.