Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Transworld And BEYOND

That just sounded like an appropriate title.
Some GREAT photos posted by fellow Haunter Rania Peet from her Transworld trip.

Click below:

And click here for an interview with Rania with Haunt Nation Magazine.


girl6 said...

Dag, THIS photo is BEAST!!!. :)
& Congratulations again, Viking Gurrrrl.. <33333333

p.s. i do wonder, which actress will portray you on the BIG screen? : D

Jay's Shadow said...

Man, I would SO love to go to one of these.

And I would HAVE TO come home with something.

highbury said...

Great photos! The countdown to MHC is on!!

Rania said...

I thought I was going to come home with a 10' Gore Galore Costume but it was $2600 LOL

Girl6! You are a trip!

Those props from the featured picture are from MidnightStudios FX and they are amazing. I hope to have some video up soon so you guys can get a better look at it all.

Distortions stuff in person was pretty incredible too.

Thanks for the post Rot! You the man.

girl6 said...

hahahahaha!!...awww! thanks.
& you too..(i've seen one of your "on the way to starbucks coffee run" videos)...real trippy.
hahahahahahaha!!.. : D

oh & tooooo bad, greta scacchi is sorta too old, cause if hollywood threw some engineer boots on her, that bio movie would totally be in the can. : D

i always do say, i woulda made a Great "casting director". : D