Friday, March 21, 2014

Important Conclusions

I must admit, these made me laugh, though I respect this man's Universe.

From The Bigfoot Field Journal.

•The biological entity that we call a Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a human hybrid. The DNA shows that the mother of the species is human and the father is of unknown origin. The nuclear DNA (which comes from the father) from three complete Bigfoot/Sasquatch genomes was compared against the Genbank Database. This database currently contains over 150 billion nucleotide bases in more than 162 million sequences. There was NO match for the nuclear DNA sequences.

•The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are aware of our technologies and what their purposes are to include video cameras, trail cameras, digital voice recorders, vehicles, fire arms, etc. 

•The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are not the “benevolent keepers of the forest”.

•The Bigfoot/Sasqutach have abilities that we do not fully understand or comprehend. These abilities include: The use of infrasound to confuse, disorient, cause memory loss, or incapacitate. The ability to “cloak” or become invisible to the naked eye. I am convinced they use infrasound to achieve this “cloak” but I am open to the possibilities of some other explanation. I think that these abilities are genetic and passed down to the offspring. This explains why some Bigfoot/Sasquatch exhibit these abilities and others do not. I think the diluting of the genome by interbreeding with humans is the major cause of the loss of these abilities.

•The Bigfoot/Sasquatch family groups live in a “home” range that may encompass up to 100 miles. These family groups form clans. The clans provide mates for the offspring of the family groups and help prevent inbreeding. These clans also enforce the social structure for the family groups.

•The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are reclusive and avoid direct human contact at almost any cost. They are “hyper-elusive” which borderlines on fanaticism. The question that remains unanswered is why they live this way. Is it by choice or by force? The evidence is mounting that both the subsistence existence and reclusiveness may not be by choice but coerced. The question then becomes who is enforcing this lifestyle on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch and why?

•The Bigfoot/Sasquatch are each unique individuals. They each have a personality and a demeanor. They exhibit behaviors that suggest that their culture contains individuals that are benevolent, violent, and homicidal.  Each Bigfoot has its own set of “morals” and exercises them according its own desires.

I'd like to add:
•The Bigfoot/Sasquatch will KICK.  YOUR.  ASS.



Willow Cove said...

As long as they don't want to eat my fingers, face and other, eh hem, "appendages".

Rot said...

Though this part is a bit concerning..."their culture contains individuals that are benevolent, violent, and homicidal."
it's a catch-all for chimp-like mutilations.

Jay's Shadow said...

Holy crap. I didn't know squatches could do mind control!

The squatch will incapacitate you,then sit down and start chewing on your leg. Nice.

Willow Cove said...

Coming up next on the travel channel: "Bigfoot threw feces at me".