Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Witch And Mark Korven

Been hearing a lot of amazing things about a horror film playing at Sundance - The Witch.  So I wondered what I always wonder when I hear about a new film - I wonder who wrote the music.

Couldn't find any cues from the film, but click below to hear a cool demo track from the composer.
A scene from The Witch. Dying to see this movie.


Joel said...

Oh man, I really like this demo reel. Genuinely gave me the creeps in a few places.

Rot said...

Same here.
Really dig his style.

I need to see this movie.

Amy said...

Sounds insanely cool...

"Eggers evokes the image of something truly malevolent, who dances with the Devil and thrives on human misery. Witches are scary again."