Friday, June 5, 2015

Classical Horner

Pas de Deux is a double concerto for violin, cello, and orchestra by film composer James Horner.  Played this a million times since its release.

Click below for Part III:
And you should totally listen to the whole thing.


girl6 said...

oh yeah, this really has an old sound vibe to it. like something from the 40's or so? probably cause i cam imagine Captain Blood swashbuckling to it (idk?)..

i think the Glory soundtrack is probably my most fave of his stuff, it's so beautiful & has a very different sound than a lot of his other stuff. how about when he was working on the music for Aliens...anyways, scenes kept being changed which meant Horner had to keep altering the music, which made him be like, hey guys, what's up!!!..& Cameron (or maybe someone else from production?) responded with, hey we'll just get someone else, if you can't deliver &&& hahahha Horner says, Please do!!!..cause i could learn a thing or two from that person!!...hahahha...needless to say, we all know who did the Aliens music, my Hero Horner!!! crappy to try & manhandle artists period, but Especially Horner.

a few yrs back, Carl gave me the Man with the Golden Arm soundtrack for Xmas & word it is Super lovely!!. maybe, you'll check out a track or two sometime.

Unknown said...

almost nothing more beautiful than a superbly played cello and violin.

Autumnleaf said...

Wonderful treat! Thanks Rot!