Thursday, July 30, 2015

Goodnight Mommy


Adam said...

Good Lord, that was unnerving as hell! I WILL go see this

Amy said...

Hair stood up a few times during that..thx!

Forgive me if you've already answered this, but did you ever get around to watching Found? Is it worthy?

Lauren Frutiger said...

augh. I just made the sound I make when I hear a palmetto bug (southern for big ass roach) fall down into the chimney and crawl into the living room. Deeply disturbing.

Rot said...

FOUND was worth the watch and had a great score and some really neat scenes.

girl6 said... is it about distinguishing identities?. like the twins & the 2 moms, the mom before surgery & the mom after...hmmmm, but, maybe not. lots of borrowed imagery from other films. beautiful trailer. i'm feelin the mommy dearest meets niptuck.. : D

yeah man, found = all that dead reddddd..<3