Friday, July 24, 2015


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Willow Cove said...

That is awesome!
Just awesome!

Jay's Shadow said...

Very cool.

Love how he used various elements to make this too.

girl6 said...

Dag man, love the earthy native vibe.

hahahahhaha & now i'm actually laughing because of that crazy horror movie of the same name with Tony Curtis!!! love love that movie, it's so comical & insane. "I'm a Sella not a Buya"...hahahahhaa.

Rot said...

i remember that movie.
with the pregnant woman carrying an Indian abomination?
I found it so scary as a boy.

girl6 said...

you're right, Very scary as a child. i bet if you watched it now, you would laugh your bootie off. the Tony Curtis performance is INSANE...hahahahhaa. oh, that Tony!! & that Indian Medicine man with the bad hair weave/wig...hahahahha...<3333333333