Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkins In Trees

You know that yule log that you can watch during the Christmas season?
Well, there are Halloween equivalents on Amazon Prime.

My current favorite (click below)...hilarious, and weird...but very relaxing and cool.


swampbilly said...

Clicked to watch it.
Denied by parental lock. Hah!
Love having to ask my wife to unlock it.

Rot said...

nude pumpkins : )

girl6 said...

i just signed in using Carl's sister's Prime to watch..HAHAHHAHA!!! IS porn, sorta. i could see being totally addicted, it's SO chill. i did cheat & fast forward, looks like mainly 2 jackies are the stars. the chirping frog sounds are awesome too. this would be great as a party backdrop or as you're making something too. Perfect!!

maybe Amazon will let me write descripts for them...HAHAHHAHAH!!!

K.O. said...

Love. It. Totally have it on now! What a cool find.