Thursday, January 26, 2017

Beware The Slenderman

Amazing documentary.  My highest recommendation to seek this one out.

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girl6 said...

i really want to watch it but the whole true story thing is so upsetting!!!

what do you think Rot? can you share some thoughts. do you think that those girls REALLY believe their own story or ?

Rot said...

One girl was doing most of the influencing, and she had a bunch of doctors at the trial admitting she had schizophrenia, but it was a perfect storm of two lonely, picked-on girls finding each other. Very sad, and it made me realize that when I see this stuff on the news and say stuff like "GOOD! They SHOULD be tried as adults!" that I really don't know what the freak I'm talking about because I don't know the whole picture.
I was impressed that the parents of the girls were a part of the documentary. And you suddenly realize these girls were not in an environment that was cold or un-loving. And you realize how technology is so significant in young kids' lives, and difficult to scrutinize at all times. Very thorough and incredibly thought-provoking doc. Made me angry at the justice system.

Mind you, I'd feel so differently if they stabbed someone I knew/loved, but that's why we have juries made up of folks other than the families involved.

Rot said...

And from a cultural point of view, it was very interesting learning where Slenderman came from...and how knowledge of him spread.

Jay's Shadow said...

Yeah, I'm going to see if this is On Demand/Comcast tonight. Looks VERY interesting.

girl6 said...

Thanks Rot!!!
i am definitely going to watch it. it's always best to be open & informed. i have only thought of those little chicks as horrid monsters, the same way i view the Manson Family killers. but then, i do remember when i heard that the boys involved in the Columbine High School killings had actually tried on several occasions to reach out & be friendly with their classmates, only to be ridiculed & rejected because, they weren't considered cool enough etc, that it made me feel kinda sad. so idk. blows my mind that murder becomes like a pain killer/medicine for some.

& for some reason, it's kinda like, i forget that the little girl actually survived that brutal knife attack at the hands of her "friends". how do you come back from that & what are you like? those girls crossed over that night & for that alone, i feel as tho they did succeed.

i don't really know anything about the history of the slenderman, so i'm looking forward to being filled in.

Rot said...

i think the takeaway is that these girls need help and not prison.

girl6 said...

so we watched it. i think i feel worse now & sorta more judgemental even.
i really feel for..morgan geyser, the girl diagnosed with schizophrenia & totally agree she needs lots of psychiatric help. but, aneissa weirer, really bothers me. i felt like this smug, sorta privileged vibe from her. they said she was picked on (bullied), but, then, footage was showed of one of her friends (from way back) actually being very supportive of her, especially when anissa & her father would have their telephone visits. that chick, not only seemed very supportive of, but, also kind to anissa. plus, anissa looked to have a pretty nice home life (well, they both did) & a really cool father too. & seeing that footage of her in the court room, when she's older with the real long hair, looking really jovial, also made me feel effed up. like wow, really? i don't trust that kid. the mismatched socks, idk...that says something to me about her mindset. dressing cool for a morning of murder?

i agree with the judge on....this needs to be taken very sweriously. SUCH a violent & calculated act. it was planned like 6 months prior with constant discussion & planning. BRRRrrrrrrrrr.

Carl is with you, i think. he said, he can't imagine a kid being tried as an adult & possibly spending maybe like 70 yrs in prison. & when i think of that, it does make me feel panicky & sorta sick But....still i don't know... it's a REAL catch 22. so all i can just say is, i am extremely glad that i am NOT on the jury & have to make an decisions in this case.

& i felt like the victim was really snubbed. payten leutner must be a very strong soul, such a fierce will to live. my loyalty lays with her. whatever that means. i sorta agree with you & Carl but, i don't feel it in my heart.