Monday, January 30, 2017

Late Harvest

Image by Daniel Molnar.


girl6 said...

that yellow..HOT Mustard!!!!!...<333
all we gotta do IS make it to June, (oh, how i hate June) & then..Halloween will slowly start returning to us, popping up here & there.

Jeff said...

I'm just now settling back into the "sketch" phase as I call it. I've chosen a rough theme and identified a couple things I definitely want to take a stab at, but...a funny thing happened the other evening that signalled a change from years past. I was sketching a boat with two figures in it and I felt a shadow fall over me...and then my wife, behind me, suggested a change...

See we've decided to make last year's party an annual tradition...and things will never be the same...again. :^(

Great photo.