Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Void: Score

Looking VERY forward to this film.  Dreadcentral's Jonathan Barkan does some terrific articles and interviews with the musical side of horror.

Click below for an interview and a track from Martin MacPhail, the composer of The Void.


girl6 said...

wOw...that original sketchbook was INtense!!!
music is so important to a film. it's definitely, it's own separate character. sounds like these guys really went out of their way (sounds weird to say it like that cause they loved working on this) to find all the perfect sounds for the visual mood & story of the film. i like the sinister 70's feel of the plot. the interview & music really emphasized THE mysterious creepiness. idk..if we'll be able to catch this in a theater or not, would love to see it on a big screen. but, i'll definitely be checking it out!!

we were re-watching Ladyhawke a little bit ago & man, some of the music pieces are terrible companions to their scenes. like so bad. we LOVE that movie tho.