Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Mothman Of Point Pleasant Documentary: June 2nd

Getting released tomorrow.
We're going to rent it this weekend.

Click below for the trailer...

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Griffin said...

You should definitely check out "The Mothman Prophecies". It's a fictitious movie built loosely around the events of Point Pleasant. Also, after watching, check out an interview with the writer, Richard Hatem, on the podcast Astonishing Legends. Really good insights into what parts where made-up and why. I think you may be interested!

Rot said...

That's a favorite in this house.
Have watched it many times.

I'll def check out the interview. Thanks!

We're going to watch this doc in a few...only 2.99 to rent from Amazon.

girl6 said...

Mothman Prophecies IS soooo good. i would also love to see a version from Guillermo Del Torro, i think he would bring SO much romance to the story!!

The Gill-Man said...

Absolutely LOVE this piece of artwork! That is a great rendition of my favorite cryptid!