Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day After Halloween


Lucas said...

Beautiful photo. November 1st is palpable, isn't it? I also really love how the long bottom cut on the nose gives the appearance of a witch's hat.

girl6 said...

awwwww, he needsa smooch!!!
right on the side of his slitty mouth.
those jackies work hard during their season of bliss. : )

i think everyone can use a smooch on Nov 1 tho.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that day is a sad day, but a happy day as well.

Girl6, I'll take a smooth! :D

Adam said...

Nov 1st = Worst Day of the Year

Juli Riedel said...

I agree with Adam- November 1st worst day of the year! However I love the picture!

girl6 said...

awwwww Jay... : D
i've got a few saved up for ya already from previous All Saints Days. : )
sad & happy always seem to go hand in hand with the GOOD / Important stuff.

Primwitch69 said...

Just love this photo. They're just getting interesting when they start to shrivel up. :)