Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mr. Plinkett's Review

Of a dreadful film...


Sara said...

Yaaassss! I LOVE a funny review. About to watch this. Anybody else who is interested, DownThePlotHole on YT did a great funny but accurate review also!

Sara said...

Holy crap, Rot! That's 58 minutes long! Lol! Better tuck this baby away for when the kiddos are asleep.

Rot said...

Definitely makes a ton of valid points without just trashing the film.
They even do some re-edits proving they know what they're talking about.

Really enjoyed this. As it was a love letter to the original film.

Rot said...

The second half of the review really takes off...

girl6 said...

that IS like the wurst (with a U) review i have ever watched. i know this guy's deal. his whole schtick is take the identity of being an old serial killer who kidnaps women, rapes them & either kills them or keeps them held prisoner in his basement. & he even drops in "still photos" as proof of what he's doing in all of his torture chambre basement shots, a drum full of bones, skulls etc. so hard for me to take a reviewer like that seriously. he actually has the nerve to call on about what he think is tacky in a movie or what works & doesn't work. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! he calls Melissa McCarthy fat on 4 different occasions in this review & throws the lesbian word around just to be insulting. whether his IS or ISN'T really a misogynist?..idk?...But..Please bro, have some fucking respect. i would love to see what this dude looks like. cause just listening to that put on voice of his makes me wanna vomit.

i was NOT a fan of this movie being remade. But, it got remade, so it's a reality now. so i gave it a chance, especially since i LOVE Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, & Paul Feig. i especially LOVE Spy. which btw, Mr, Plinkett says is garbage one minute & then says, he like it the next. i could honestly give a better review of this movie or any other movie for that matter & it would be legit. not just a hate fest. Leslie Jones is hilarious. Chris Hemsworth gives a FAB performance as the airhead receptionist. who knew he was SO funny. HAHAHAHAHA!!

why didn't this dude school us on the movie? like why didn't he mention, that the balloons used in that beautiful magical parade scene, are actual designs pulled from the Macy's archives. that scene is so beautiful & spooky as hell. nah, he just wants to shit all over everything. that video is like an hour long & i can only imagine how much time & effort he put into the actual shit result. i thought i was listening to Donald Trump with all the shit talk & nasty comments.

it's been said, that if a critic is so bitter toward a certain film or genre they shouldn't review it, cause they already have their mind made up to shred. that's why i like that dude, John Kenneth Muir so much...he's the PUBLISHED dude that i told you about, the who reviewed Mr. Jones. i like his style. he doesn't do hate fests & he has said, if he feels that way toward a movie, he won't do the review.

girl6 said...

Ohhhhh!!! & i got some movie news!!!
Eli Roth is remaking.."Death Wish" & John McClane is the lead... : D
maybe, it's finished not sure.

& i saw a poster in the movie theatre lobby for a movie called "Polaroid".
only a camera was shown on the poster.
& it said...something like
you take it
& it takes you.
hahahaha...caught my eye for sure.

Adam said...

Here is my 10 second review. Utter Trash! Its as if the made "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon a movie! Bashing the fact that women were the leads is wrong. However, there was nothing funny in this film....period. A DANCE SEQUENCE!!!!! That should say it all. Only redeeming thing about it was Kate McKinnon, and Ernie Hudson's cameo.