Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Severe Case Of Coulrophobia-itis-pox Syndrome

If we see clowns in places like in a circus where they belong, that's often not as scary. But if we see a clown which is already slightly odd and different to us in a place where we don't typically think they should be like the woods, it's even scarier.

The always-great Haunt of JD.  The clowns are top-notch and to see them milling about around the Haunt...I can't imagine what some little kids must have felt..  And I love how the one is wearing protective clothing and not a clown suit...  a subtle horror element for sure.

Click here for some more images from 2016.


Rot said...

haha..I didn't even notice the giant white gloves on the one clown!

Jay's Shadow said...

Haha, those puffy white gloves. My wife would be outta there.

And those long fingers are great..........

Jay's Shadow said...

And if you get coulrophobia-pox, does that mean your skin breaks out in little smiley clown faces???

Rot said...

and your nose turns red...

Pumpkin5 said...

...and the horn goes, ooga, ooga....

JD said...

If there's one aspect of Rot's unbelievable work that has really struck me, over the years, it's the very thoughtful, subtle way he conveys horror. It's never in-your-face nor confrontational. It's worse. It's all about questions, a boding menace...something very bad's about to happen and I shouldn't be here.

Going back to his earliest pieces, why is Pumpkinrot grinning? What is so funny? Why is Johnny Appleseed looking down, shading his face? What's he so weirdly happy about?

Like hundreds of other home haunters, I immediately had to make my own version of those guys, along with Rot's beckoning jute reaper spirit from 2007.

Adding the clown prop last Halloween was a natural extension of the live clowns we have on the driveway on Halloween night. The two clowns in the pics are brothers of mine. I asked them to get edgy, but otherwise normal clown makeup. Why is one clown wearing a painter's protective suit? It's a nod to Rot's deft touch.

Like the little girl drifting in the graveyard, her back to you.

The reaper sentinels with no discernible faces.

The spiders and rats seemingly moving with a collective objective.

For the record, the long tentacled fingers go back a long time, although the articulation and purpose are more recent. I don't recall where I saw the pics that inspired them, but I was sold on the spot.

If you're curious about the clown prop's hair, it's two dollar store wigs laid out horizontally and treated with layers of polyurethane. I love the way it turned out.

Thank you all for the kind comments.


Jay's Shadow said...

Those long fingers are really cool, I wish I could incorporate them on one of my props.

And the clown’s hair turned out great too.

girl6 said...

HAHAHAHHAHA!!!! yeah man, a case of the bozo-pox. little smiley clown faces with bloody fangs. NO hydrocortisone ointment for those babies.<3

dagggggg man. i'm in love with those clowns.
really diggin on the large & unusual hands thru out this haunt..they're sucha a cool signature touch.

there's gotta be a name for the LOVE of clowns. all i hear about.is the name.for the fear of clowns..but, i don't think there's one YET. phooey!!!

sooo...i'll have to go with corydon.ronius-maximus for now.