Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trailer: Demon House


Jay's Shadow said...

I totally believe in these kind of things, it is all around us.

I hope Mr. Zak Bagans does not screw up this movie.

girl6 said...

that voice on the tape recorder at 1:12..Omg..that's how i always imagined the voice of the demon possessed toaster sounded..HAHAHAHHA AND man..what is up with that gigante demon with the huge horns coming down the hallway (1:40) right behind Zak..HAHAHAHAHHA!!! Omg...so crazy.

Zak is one of Donna's employers. HAHAHAHAHHA awww man.
i AM SO down. CAN'T wait!!!

Rot said...

haha...the toaster.

so funny

I'm totally on board with this.

Ghost Adventures is the ONLY paranormal show that has held my attention over the years. It's always interesting and always fun.

girl6 said...

i AM a believer. there is so much out there. doesn't mean things can't be fun tho. it's very important to never lose your sense of humour..because it's a big part of Hope. lose your sense of humour lose your hope.

Jay's Shadow said...

I watch Ghost Adventures every Saturday night too.

I like it when they have a “non-ghost hunter with them. Always laugh when I see their expressions.

Vintage Seance said...

Awesome! I agree that Ghost Adventures has done a great job with staying more exciting than other shows over the years. Zak can be a little too cheesy at times and can use a little more provocation than I prefer, but he's still a great researcher overall. This looks pretty scary!