Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Teaser Of A Teaser

Some audio from the Halloween Movie Instagram...(I must admit to being troubled by the mentioned body count...  as it proves this film ignores the events in Halloween II [but I'll save my gripes until after the trailer on Friday)...

Click below:


Rot said...

and they don't mention ANYTHING about the two dogs Myers killed in the first film.

; )

girl6 said...

gotttt damn!!!
that trailer was effen LOUDDDDDD.
& damn..that mask looks like a cross between frankenstein's creature & the mummy.
the Karloff Versions of course!!!

Sara said...


Steve Ring said...

I detest the sequels (except 3) so I'm cool with that. I don't know what to think of this movie otherwise, though. I hope it's good?

Jay's Shadow said...

Can’t wait!

And Michael NEEDS to leave the dogs alone. I love the pups.

Rot said...

not to mention the dead garage employee who was left stabbed and overalls-less in the tall grass on the way to Haddonfield.

Perhaps forensics weren't what they are now in 1978.

Tow Truck guy found dead...overalls missing, location - halfway to Haddonfield.
Three teens and two dogs found dead in Haddonfield by man wearing overalls with knife cuts in the material, no knife wounds to body, just six bullet holes. STATUS: UNSOLVED MURDER.