Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Someone I work with found a bat in her house.  So she was ordered to get treated for vaccinations against rabies.  As a lot of captured bats test positive for rabies. 

Naturally I felt horrible for her because this would mean a foot-long needle to the stomach.  Something, I recall, we told each other as children in grade school...like some kind of urban folklore...the horror story of getting the rabies shot.  It always seemed worse than foaming at the mouth and dying from rabies. 

So I googled it...and found THIS STORY...  and felt better about the future bat bite I'll hopefully get at some point.

And my concern for my coworker didn't keep me from sending her this:


Jay's Shadow said...

Haha! I bet she much appreciated that photo too. I would send her a photo of someone getting stuck by a big long needle too.

I have a Bat house set up in my backyard. They say it takes a little while for them to start moving in. (They have to find it I guess)
I’ve seen them a few years ago flying around before I put the house up.

Willow Cove said...

Ha! I think in the movie Contagion, the infection will spread by a pig that ate a banana drop by a bat. And then the pig was butchered at the market. You should treat the office to Chinese takeout tomorrow! ( after showing everybody the last scene in that movie )

Sara said...

hah! I swear. Rabies, tetanus and quicksand. Scared the crap outta me.

girl6 said...

omg..i thought it said..Babies!!! at first. i was like..yes, shoot me up!!! NO Babies please. i hear they are the most dreadful beasties to get rid of too once they infect you. i had to get my magnifying glass out to see what was up. : D

honestly..i would way rather someone send me that story than give me a copy of Cujo. know what i'm sayin. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Stephen King probably knew this all along & penned that book anyway. creep. gahhhhh tho.

looks like your friend has nothing to really worry about. Awesome!!!!.<333