Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dr. Dingledong

Had a weird Halloween memory pop into my head.
Back when I was in something like seventh grade, and I guess approaching one of the last years a kid goes trick-or-treating, a bunch of us decided to go out as a pack.  We figured we'd meet up at my house, so a small horde of us quickly formed and my parents insisted on a group photo.  I previously mentioned that my costumes back in those days were LITERALLY last-minute.

I was Trash Bag.  A stupid trash bag....just some holes for my legs, arms, and head.  Really dumb.  One of the guys was dressed as a girl.  Pretty funny and an impressive makeup job.  The odd thing about this guy was that he had almost no sense of humor and a very short fuse.  So any comment or funny goof from any of us about his costume was met with instant anger and short-tempered shouts like "GETOFF!"

Which brings me to Dr. Dingledong.

One of the kids showed up wearing a curly wig, rainbow suspenders, and some bright clothing.  This guy was pretty funny every other day of the year, so this was quite the scream seeing him like this.  And imagine Robin Williams if he were really short and kinda stocky, and had a voice that sounded like he was a chain smoker.  And then imagine this being in the form of a ten or eleven year old kid.

So we're all getting ready for this stupid group photo and my dad asks this short kid what he's supposed to be.  In his scratchy almost-Wolfman-Jack kinda voice, he blurts "DOCTOR DINGLEDONG!"  Man, we all howled.  And it turns out that Dr. Dingledong had a thing for pretty girls.  So he plopped down next to the kid dressed as an [angry] girl and his hand slowly started to creep towards her [angry] knee.

We're all frozen for the photo and the Girl shouts "COME ON! DON'T TOUCH ME! GET OFF!!!" and stands up after shoving the kid.  Dr. Dingledong apologizes and we all form again for the group photo.  Dr. Dingledong slowly turns to his right to face the Girl.  And then slowly starts to lean in... lips puckered.  Another fit of anger and shoving and shouting.  With the rest of us howling.

I have no idea if a photo was ever snapped, but one of these days I'm going to get the old photo album from my parents' house and find that photo if it exists.

Here's to Dr. Dingledong.

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Anonymous said...

That is a hilarious memory story. The (angry) kid must of looked pretty convincing? Or did Mr. Dingledong (haha, love that name. Almost sounds like a name that would be used in a porno.) know it was a guy.

Hopefully in the present he isn’t doing the same thing. He might find out it is a guy.........

VenomStorm said...

Great story. I love a good Rot story, especially about Halloween. It makes me try to think of my own Halloween memories. There are a few Halloweens that stand out with some good stories, but I wish I remembered as many as you. I need to reminisce with my brother to see if together we can jog any new memories.

Theo said...


Adam said...

To my knowledge I think this may be the only picture of yourself without a mask ever posted to the blog, am I correct?

Rot said...

That's a group photo of something i found on the internet! ha

Willow Cove said...

Great story! Yeah, The one funny story my brother and I have is when his friend Hackey, (real name Haskel) got A painted rock from some older kids down the street. Just like Charlie Brown. He was always teased. They painted his name on it and when he showed up at the house for trick-or-treating they went in and got it for him and gave it to him. The trick backfired because he loved it!
And I love the photo with the kid in the back row with the inflatable head. I remember seeing those in the stores but I never saw anyone buy one.

girl6 said...

shazbot...HAHAHAHA!!! noooo way. fact IS always way better than fiction.
There's always one socially enhanced kid in every gang & thank the gods too.

Omg...Mr. Dingledong tho!? wasn't that the french dude that was always tryin to sabotage Woody Woodpecker. like he even messed with WW's trip to the moon!!! HAHAHHAHAA!!! i wonder if that's why your buddy used the name. tooooo funny.

& wouldn't it be THE best..if the cranky (pretty) dude was like livin it up over at Bob & Barbara' headlining their Thursday Night Drag Shows. man..i HOPE so!!! unless he moved away from Philly. oh boo.

girl6 said...

oooops!!..i think i said Mr. Dingledong..i meant Dr.
like Professor Dingledong..WW's nemesis..HAHAHAHHA!!!
sorry man..i can't stop laughing..sucha crazy ass story!!!!!.<333333333

Rot said...


i googled doctor dingledong before writing the entry and saw that Woody Woodpecker thing about professor dingledong... i wasn't the biggest fan of Woody, but mabye the kid was....though the costume was totally not professor maybe he just ripped the name.
so funny.

i can still hear his weird little voice in my head saying that to my dad. with such conviction and truth. The dude WAS Doctor Dingledong.

Anonymous said...

You HAVE to share that picture! That's hilarious! =D

Closed Casket Crafts & Confections said...

Is that a Kooky Spook in the background? Love this photo.