Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Now Playing: The Endless

Amazing score to an INCREDIBLE film we rented last night.


girl6 said... the ending pretty solid on this? this seems really familiar for some reason.'s a 2018 release, so i must be thinking of something else.

we really enjoyed that Ty West film..Sacrament. is just SO creepy. like the atmosphere is crazy intense. i felt uneasy the entire time watching it. good stuff.

Rot said...

Never saw Sacrament.

The ending on THE ENDLESS is SOOOO solid.
Seems so many films can't stick the landing.

This landing stuck : D

K.O. said...

I was wondering when the hell this film was gonna come out!! I wanted to see it in the theater. It must've only been a limited release(?), but I'm still surprised I didn't see it in the NY listings.
Oh well; I'll just watch it on Prime (and doing so will save me like $16, after all!). I'm especially excited to see it now, since I know it has your recommendation!!

girl6 said...

thanks!! now i'm looking forward to the ending of endless...haha. : )

ohhhh & i've been meaning to tell you that the new steven soderbergh film..Unsane is sooooo good!! it was all shot on the iphone 4K using the filmic pro app. & i don't want to give anything away but..when we were watching it, i kept wondering who a certain actor was? like it was really bothering me. it would almost come to me & then nah. as soon as it was over..C looked up the character & said to me.."you are going to be SO happy when you know who THAT actor is" and i STILL could not guess & when C told me..i was SOOOO happy!!! hahaha. so yeah, if you haven't watched Unsane yet..check it out sometime & see if you have better luck than i did with recognizing a certain (rather iconic in a way) actor. sucha great thriller & the music IS real nice too. the main tune reminded me of the blood simple tune. : )

K.O..i think you would enjoy Unsane too!!

Unknown said...

I have always love The Album Leaf and did not know about this soundtrack. That will be on my list. Sometime we will have to chat ambient music. I used to DJ downtempo/chill and deep ambient. Ambient is the background music that’s running pretty much all the time in my house.

Willow Cove said...

Just watched it.
LOVED the wooden totem boundary markers.
Such a cool concept.
Never wanna be trapped in it.......