Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Evil Vines Cemetery 2018

There were many different medical and scientific explanations for the Black Death, ranging from stellar configurations, to bad lifestyle choices. Whereas modern day opinion would dismiss the idea of astrology, to contemporary audiences it was a well-known and well established fact, which physicians and academics were hesitant to ignore. The report of the Paris Medical faculty in 1348 states the belief that the ‘first cause’ of the disease was the configuration of the heavens. The frequent mention of the three planets of Aquarius, is also referred to by fourteenth century astrologer, Geoffrey de Meaux, who explains that the superior stars of Aquarius affect the lesser stars, which represent the ‘common people’ of society. He therefore concludes that the pestilence would infect them more so than those of a higher status. Simon de Convino of France also describes a celestial court case, in which the human race stands trial. 


Willow Cove said...

I would so love to see this in person. Amazing haunt!

Evil Vines Cemetery said...

Thanks, Willow Cove! You're invited to our Halloween in Napa any year! Come haunt with the wicked winos ;)