Friday, April 19, 2019

I. Hate. Everything.

Did you see the new STAR WARS trailer?
Spoiler Alert:  The Emperor survived the below did a very large portion of the Death Star when it was completely destroyed.

Click below...

And click here to see the trailer.


Jay's Shadow said...

After “Return of the Jedi”, i was excited to see that they were coming out with the first three. But after watching “The Phantom Menace”, I stopped right there and I vowed not to watch any other ones. The first one was HORRIBLE, and I knew the rest was going to be the same.

Then they come out with Solo. UHG. I also caught a glimpse on YouTube that they are making one about Bono fett.


Sean said...

Lucas has confirmed he is dead. So we are talking force ghost. Palpatine did elude to knowing how to cheat death with his tale of Darth Plagius the wise.

Anonymous said...

BONO Fett? Is he a singer with U2?


girl6 said...

This got me thinking about that time Shatner called JJ a PIG. HAHAHHAA!!! i know that's kinda the pot calling the kettle black, but..i got it. & it's NOT over yet. i heard there will be a break of sorts before they resume with another trilogy. they were/are also waiting for Game of Thrones to finish up..because some of the creative team from that show will be involved in forming the NEW trilogy. sooooo many wars left in those stars apparently. hahaha.

Awwwww..Billy Dee tho!!! BIG Love.

VenomStorm said...

I think they scrapped the Boba Fett movie idea. There is a tv series being made about a bounty hunter in Mandalorian armor, but has nothing to do with Fett.

Rise of Skywalker is an attempt to win back fans after the disaster of Last Jedi, so they are throwing in as much fan service and “member berries” as possible. So we see Lando, Death Star parts, hear the Emperor.. a travesty.

The sad thing is there was so much awesome content from the Extended Universe books they could have used. I would have preferred a version of the Thrawn trilogy, but they could have chosen from dozens of other stories. Instead they made this trash.

Jay- the new ones make the George Lucas prequels look good lol. They at least have a story that makes sense.