Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Trailer: Epic Home Haunts

Click below:


Sara said...

I've rec'd before, but Parks and Cons were the ones that totally exposed me to Epic Home Haunts and since then their IG (EHH) has blown me away. The artistry that is out there with home haunting is just....there are no words. It keeps getting better. This is obviously from a purely consumer standpoint. Not to mention SO many talented home haunts exist here in southern California and it just makes me feel proud. We don't have the autumn colors, and we get ragged on for a LOT, lol, but darn it! Home haunters do not mess around out here. Epic Home Haunts showcases that. I'm looking forward to taking my older kid to see a few this October.

Jay's Shadow said...

So cool to see adults are still out there doing this every year.

Even though I don’t get trick or treaters, I will never stop doing a home haunt. I would love to go through someone else’s haunt just to see all the hard work they put into it just for one magical night.

(Im going to sneak to your haunt so year) :D

Evil Vines Cemetery said...

This was a fun watch! I even got my husband to watch it with me for my birthday =) Trying to show him I'm not the only person out there that does his Halloween haunt thing. And Sara is right - I am jealous of all the spectacular home haunts in SoCal!

Willow Cove said...

It’s definitely motivating to see others who go big. I know someone who would turn foam panels into castle walls and cover his house. I always found it ambitious but intimidating.