Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Lunar Light Company

These are some high-end super-scented candles.  

I've ordered a few of them and the scent descriptions are spot-on (usually scent descriptions embellish and flat-out lie [I'm bitter]).  

Here are some from their site:

A smoky & haunting scent, smoked woods and spicy cloves mingle with pine needles and herbs. Autumn leaves fall on a bed of earthy sage and moss. Imagine a cool & grey graveyard colored in red, gold and brown leaves - This is Autumn in the Graveyard.  

Notes: Smoked Woods - Leaves - Clove - Pine - Sage - Moss

Wet leaves on top of damp earth. Rich birch wood highlighted with dirt, oak wood and aged tree bark. This scent will transport you to the creepiest town around, Shadyside Ohio. 

Notes: Leaves - Birch - Earth - Dirt - Petrichor - Garden Mint.

Ohhh, haunted….Soft and delicate, ripe purple figs and cinnamon bark mingle with notes of pine needle, winter woods, and creamy sandalwood. Reminiscent of a quiet, peaceful, snowy graveyard.

Notes:  Fig - Cinnamon Bark - Pine Needle - Frosted Cedar - Sandalwood 

Sweet incense and moss on a bed of aged wood and damp leaves. Patchouli musk and oak wood provides a rich and dark finishing base to this spellbinding fragrance. Warning: this scent may have you grab the nearest broom and will have you flying into the night! 

Notes: Incense - Moss - Aged Wood - Patchouli - Musk - Oak Wood

This fragrance starts with spicy black pepper and strong notes of teakwood and cardamom for a sharp edge. Earthy wet moss, vetiver and hints of citrus fruits give it a natural base. Dark, alluring, and strangely romantic!

Notes: Teakwood - Black Pepper - Cardamom - Vetiver - Citrus - Moss


Undeadpumpkinbread said...

I need to experience every single one of these. Particularly the ones with, clove, and patchouli.

Lady M said...

That's what my graveyard needs - sandlewood.