Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Trailer: Hex Hollow

Perhaps the greatest name of any location EVER.  Ashamed to admit that this Pennsylvanian has never heard of Nellie Noll nor of Hex Hollow, but I officially want to live there now.

Click below...

Thanks, Wren!


Wren said...

Hope you enjoy!! A strange and tragic tale.

Rot said...

Watched this last night and it was terrific. Well-made and respectful. It didn't sensationalize any of the witchcraft beliefs or murder elements like a lessor documentary would have done.

Still surprised I never heard of this, and the documentary even mentions that one of the guys first heard of this event while reading through a WEIRD U.S. book...and I have all of the "WEIRD" books from this tri-state region. I need to go back through those books.