Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Things Are Better Left Fuzzy

Been talking for years about a horror movie I saw when I was very young. A classic battle between two horror icons - Dracula and Frankenstein. The Count had the upper hand and owned a super cool ring that shot out laser beams. I remembered the final battle being breathtaking and exciting. The two horror giants clash. Frankenstein gets his arm blasted off by a bolt from the ring. Then the rising sun fries Dracula and his body turns into a pile of bones and ash.
I watched the movie this weekend - DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN. A dreadful film. Dracula had an echoed voice and wore eye makeup.
Frankenstein looked to be carved from spam.
And the ring never got a shot off at Frankenstein....though Dracula did pull the arms, and head, off of the monster.
It was way cooler in my head.


bean said... was so, so very bad.

verification word for this is appropriate: bleacky

The Captain said...

Just from the cover alone . . .
I do the same thing to my wife all the time. I hype up some movie from my childhood that I remember being great, and then we watch it and it's a total turd! LOL oh well :)

My verification word for this is even more appropriate: worstin

That's awesome!

Andrea said...

Ah yes, another sad resurrection from something better left in your memories past. We've done this with the Dark Crystal (You can see the people's feet under the costumes!) and don't even get me started on The Neverending Story. Clash of the Titans.... I could go on. Can Bowie even redeem Labyrinth? You decide.
My verification word: Wear an eye patch, man

JHMDF said...

HEY Andrea, dont talk bad about Dark Crystal!!! hehehe...I still love that movie. That does look like a stinker Rot!

A. Boyd Campbell, II said...

Forest Ackerman has a bit part in this movie. He said it was difficult to shoot because the prosthetics kept falling off frankenstein's face.