Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UFO Makers

Years ago, I lived near the Wanaque reservoir in northern New Jersey. I would always find myself driving the winding hilly roads near those miles and miles of water. I was a subscriber to WEIRD NEW JERSEY magazine and had loaded up on stories of the Wanaque UFO sightings in the 60s. The area was super creepy at night. Especially around the dam, where the sightings supposedly took place.

My brother and I built a triangle out of red glow sticks and tied it to a bunch of those aluminum-looking balloons and drove the thing up to the dam late one winter night. We decided to suspend a birthday cake candle at the very bottom and light it at both ends. The ballast was perfect and the thing slowly drifted away from the car and over the water. The red from the glow sticks was reflecting off of the shiny balloons. The candle was flickering like mad and was about to blow out. A car was approaching as we sped away. As we passed the car, we looked back and saw their brake lights as the car came to a complete stop. They must have spotted the UFO. With perfect timing, the cheap string we were using to suspend the triangle snapped. With a strange vertical flash, the craft took a nose dive into the dark and disappeared.



Andrea said...

Immaturity IS fun. I have some good prank memories with friends but yours takes the tale cake. Nice work.

Unknown said...

You're my hero.

Jon Glassett said...

I STILL want to do stuff like this.

If there were crops near me I'd be making circles in them.

Rot said...

Here are instructions for a hot air balloon ufo. We tried this one too but weren't comfortable with the tons of flame. Seemed so dangerous if it came down on someone's roof. We did this one at night in a field near our house. I was a ball of nerves until it blew out and floated back down to the ground.

we weren't anywhere near as exact as these instructions, and it flew just fine, and looked so strange at night.

Jon Glassett said...

The word verification code for this comment is 'fipso'.

It is the sole reason I am commenting on this post for a second time.

Oh, and to say thank you for the link.


JHMDF said...

The only prank my friend and I pulled was on my horrible pigeon and squirrel feeding neighbor. He was crazy and would attract hundreds of pigeons to his house by throwing out hand fulls of seed. Then he would find sick or injurred ones in the flocks and keep them in cardboard boxes trying to nurse them back to health. It dosent sound bad but he would freak out, cuss, and scream if a bird died. The feral Rock Pigeons he attracted also brought rats that also eat the seed. He would put the dead pigeons in plastic bags, number and date them, then hang them in his bushes in his back yard....he was nuts. He started throwing out peanuts for the squirrels that also came for the seeds. There were so many peanuts for the squirrels that they would just bury or leave them in our yard....HUNDREDS OF PEANUTS!! My friend and I decided to gather all the peanuts up in my yard and we put them in a big plastic pumpkin, full to the top. On Halloween night, after all the tot's were gone, we snuck over to his house and dumped all the peanuts on his door step and front porch....leaving the pumpkin sitting in the middle of it all smiling. Never saw a peanut in our yard again after that!