Saturday, April 18, 2009

2005 Black And White


Judy C said...

That figure on the right looks really real and really dead.

Sam Kadi said...

Cool pic Rot, I love black and white, stipped down and cool as hell.

I think that you really changed the way people in this community think about Halloween because you made an actually scary haunt without blood and guts flying at you, but with cool atmosphere and realism.

I remember seeing your site a few years ago and thinking that if I was a kid I would be pretty scared going up to your door.

Sam, aka Grimmleefeindish

House Bloodthorn said...

This was the Halloween right before I first discovered your amazing work. As much as I truly dig all the work you've done since, this continues to be my personal favorite, and most responsible for re-invigorating my haunting spirit, year of your haunt.

From the magnificent Roots, the standing corpse, the reaching corpse, the witches, the jack-o-lanterns, the groundbreakers, the tombstones, the archway, the lighting, and the atmosphere, right down to the last(?) appearance of the original Pumpkinrot. Perfectly dark, eerie and wonderous.

I remember checking your site every day for at least six months in 2006 waiting for the newest image or hint of what was to come. And, almost, every day of every year since then.

And to think, it's only evolved and grown more detailed since then. Wow.

Thanks for the flashback, Rot, and the always memorable work.

My hat's off to you in perpetuity.

Anonymous said...

love b&w photos

Rot said...

Thanks so much. We were talking this weekend a lot about what we're going to do this year and I got pretty excited thinking about 2009.

NecroBones said...

Yeah, that was the year I discovered your site too, before Halloween. It helped get me all excited about the big event that year.

These B&W shots are great. They almost look like the low-light infrared settings on some cameras, making it feel like a very blindingly dark scene.