Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Forgotten Halloween

Found these photos on with the following [very cool] description:

"My town has the most amazing garage sale day every September. I was at about the end of my drive through it last year... bike and trailer all loaded up with goodies. I found a small suitcase for a couple of bucks at one that was filled with old super 8 film and videogame cartridges. It also contained one of those plastic Time/Life point and shoot cameras that you see at every garage sale... except this one contained an undeveloped roll of exposed film. I finally got around to having it processed at the local Rite Aid, and these are the best of what was on there."

Image source.

Those are HUGE props.

Chris at the HauntStyle blog ran these photos through some filters to clear them up a bit. Pretty cool. Thanks, man.


bean said...

i used to go to estate sales and buy cameras. the best was when there was still film in them. i'd always get them developed. so strange to look into people's live that way.

Rot said...

staged murder photos suddenly seem like such a cool idea (to do twenty years ago, that is).

JHMDF said...

Wow...those are amazing props! Lucky to find Halloween pic's on a camera, but to find such unique ones as those is so much better!

Marc Arsenault said...

Holy crap! He did clean them up. And I even know how to do stuff like that, but didn't. I guess I was too charmed by the way they looked after sitting in a camera for a decade or two. Maybe I need to go back through the roll now. Thanks. -Gritboy on flickr

Rot said...

Cool photos, man. Thanks so much for putting them on flickr.

I dig the unfiltered ones : )