Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Ol' House

Some large ghosts, pumpkins, and what looks like a very creepy cemetery.
I bet they give out huge candy bars.

Image source.


Nev said...

My friend lived in a richy area and she told me some houses would just hand out full sized candy bars!

Rot said...

I remember an old lady giving out giant candy bars. I told a friend that he MUST go to this house so I ran up to the house with him and stood back as he got his. She saw me and didn't remember that she had JUST given me a giant bar and gestured with the giant thing and waved me over. Morality be damned. I said "trick or treat!"

heaven. Halloween is heaven.

Rot said...

Speaking of candy, I remember when "fun sized" candy bars hit the scene. "Fun" for me would be a 2 X 4-sized Twix bar. I think they now call them "Bite sized"... rightfully so.

Nothing 'fun' about it.
That's what made the Kit Kat BIG KAT so awesome. It was like someone shot a kit kat with a GROW ray. THAT should have been called "FUN SIZED."

Anonymous said...

we have a "richy" area that hands out full size candy bars. one house is owned by a v.p. of kunztler ( hot dogs..... im not having a good spelling day) and he hands out hot dogs and coffee or soda to all the adults....halloween is good

Nev said...

haha Thats awesome! Dang.... hotdogs...warm food to give you some energy in the night to keep going. I like that.