Monday, July 26, 2010

The Doctor

I’ve got an herb cabinet jammed with natural elixirs and essences from around the world. Among the strongest of all is liquorice, a root that has long been revered for its special properties.

I have spent days on end in my laboratory without a glimpse of sunlight seeking to perfect a formula that would bottle the intensity of black licorice without quite knocking people who try it off their bar stools.

I worked feverishly to create this intense, herbal concoction; a single taste is like being hit with a freight train of black jelly beans. I bottled it forthwith. You won’t find a more savory, more stimulating, more pleasing shot experience. It’s like black magic in a bottle!

I tried Dr. McGillicuddy's black licorice schnapps this weekend. Great gimmick and design, and a really great drink. Not merely black licorice-flavored - more like a dark herbal concoction, as the good doctor mentioned above.


The Infernal Mr Adams said...

I wish I liked Black Licorice, that looks amazing! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm not a black licorice fan,but I would buy a bottle just because it looks cool.

Sara said...

this sounds so freaking tasty!