Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Going to come clean, if I woke up at night and saw this looking in on me, I'd die of fear.
Truly die.


crudedoodle.com said...

I'm with you. I find alien abduction so horrifyingly scary that i would die as well. I rememeber watching a show about abductions and this older woman said, "I wouldn't look at them because they were so ugly I thought i'd die of fear!"

Rot said...

Yeah, I've heard people say stuff like that...screaming/crying under hypnosis stuff like "The eyes! The eyes! Horrible!!!"

Even if I knew it wasn't going to operate on me and split me open and all that FIRE IN THE SKY stuff, I'd STILL die from fear.
Even if I knew it was only going to walk in and walk out.

Aron said...

Fire in the Sky gave me nightmares. I've fallen off the path of belief with extra terrestrials over the years, or at least the modern myth of aliens. Still believe in ghosts and cryptozoology, though. However, those eyes still freak me out.