Monday, July 26, 2010

Trick Or Treat

All of my customers, those with children of course, make it a tradition of dropping by my home on Halloween, for Trick-or-Treat. It's a tradition I insist on.

Since you're new to the valley, Billy, perhaps you don't know... that every Halloween I take all these IOU's and I hide them in my house. Then I invite all you young trick-or-treaters to come and search for them. And if you find them, all of your father's debts are forgiven... forgotten... cancelled forever!

Your father could make a fresh start.
It's all up to you, Billy. It's all up to you.


Anonymous said...

Man! That's a great show. So glad it's on syndication. I think the "Cutty Black Sow" may be my favorite Halloween episode of the series.

Rot said...

I never even heard of Cutty Black Sow...and we picked up the entire series on dvd at a horror convention two years ago : )

I'm going to dig it out.


Anonymous said...

And you can't forget the episode "Halloween Candy." It's very reminiscent of the miser from Dougherty's "Trick 'r Treat."

As far as holiday specials go, the Christmas Tale from the Darkside, "Seasons of Belief" is pretty phenomenal as well. Happy watching!

The Captain said...

I love this episode! The witch is super creepy!

Damian Michael AKA HalloweeNut said...

Just saw it on YouTube. What awesome old-school fun!!!

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Somehow managed to catch this episode on TV one night and recorded it on the DVR, then onto a disk. Loved it and was thrilled to add it to my Halloween collection!