Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Latest Finding Bigfoot synopsis:

  • BoBo frying up some bacon in the woods because Squatches LOVE the smell of bacon.
  • He consumes a piece in an obvious eating/chewing fashion to show Squatches that he's not trying to poison them.
  • He throws the rest in the bushes for the Squatches.
  • No Squatches found.


Jon said...

I want that job.

Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

I know... I'm an advid bigfoot believer, but some of the stuff that they say, I want an explaination for why they know these statements to be factual. Did a BF steal bacon from Bobo at some point in time? If so, I want to hear the story! lol
Give me more info BFRO!!!

Conor said...

Watched the episode and it might have been my favorite yet. Partly because I live in Ohio, and the people in the show represented us so well.

But also because of the bacon. I bet Bob looks for ANY excuse to eat some bacon.

Their group-combing of the field and woods was very scientific. I mean I love this show but it's so ridiculous.

My wife thinks it's really stupid. I like to terrorize her by making my own Sqautch calls, or by describing any wooded area we see as "squatchy."

Rot said...

Packed with cheese, but always a ton of fun. And I love the interviews with witnesses.

Mr Black said...

I wouldn't waste bacon.If Bigfoot wants bacon he can get a job and pay for his own!... I'm joking I would totally share my bacon with Bigfoot if he asked. :)

JHMDF said...

Us Squatch's do love us some bacon.... but not cooked by big smelly strangers. -Scottsquatch

Jon said...

I don't have an actual comment. I just stopped by to read the other comments and notice that the word verification was "chorse" and I couldn't let it go.


Also, Mr Black's comment cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Just a few examples of indisputable "Squatch" evidence/activity may include the following: A branch. A leaf. Two branches lying next to a leaf. High grass. A dead patch of grass. Noises in the woods. Silence in the woods. Standing trees. A rotted, toppled tree next to a standing tree. Deer sightings. A lack of deer sightings. And of course, the absolutely indisputable evidence of Squatch activity: Testimony of totally anonymous strangers. (God I love this show!) ;-)

Rot said...

: D

Jon said...

Well, there was the one bit of police car footage of something hairy and, apparently, bipedal striding across the road in the middle of the night.

Which, of course, Bobo tried and failed to duplicate.