Thursday, January 5, 2012


Found the following post on a favorite blog of mine - The Haunted Closet. It seems that the Scary Stories books are getting a makeover. A what-the-frig makeover.

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And be sure to click on his link to the Adventures in Poor Taste site.


Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

UGH! Why fix something that isn't broken? Gammell's pictures used to scare the bejezus out of me! They're still creepy to me, but in a really good way :)
The stories in these books are good, but Gammell's pictures are what really made this series.
Guess I had better stop putting off purchasing my own copies of the originals.

Marrow said...

Just bought Scary Stories Boxed Set.
And cheap too. $30 NZD
Cheap enough.

This is really sad.

Marrow said...

I notice that a new copy of the boxed set is going for $6,418.20 on Amazon

Vintage Seance said...

I agree with Countess VonRauber. Gammell's illustrations are the ultimate nightmare machine. Growing up reading those books was a blast, but honestly, what kept me coming back (and I think what kept all haunters coming back) were the amazing illustrations. After looking at the new drawings, I do really love the look of it, it's charming and still has the spook factor, but is, of course, not totally comparable to Gammell's work. Honestly, by the way the newer illustrations look, I almost wonder if they changed it so it could be less scary, because as we all know, Gammell's work haunted us, where as this newer art is mostly there to support the stories. Perhaps some parents complained? I don't know, but it seems that it was purposely done to make the book look much less terrifying.

Shotgun_Mario said...

just picked up a second copy of these, one to keep packed up (my original copies from a child) and one to keep for reference (single-binding copy). You can only purchase the re-illustrated copies now... so stock up while you can!