Monday, January 30, 2012

Burning Leaves

A scent by CB I hate Perfume that smells like the real deal (I got my hands on a sample). It actually smells like a pile of burning leaves.

More information here.

Order a sample here.


Shotgun_Mario said...

I've been wanting to purchase this for years, but the steep price has always kept be back. But with your review, and samples now possible, I think I'll finally be giving this one a go. Thanks!

bean said...

It really, really does smell like burning leaves. Worth the bucks.

The Gill-Man said... THIS is the perfume referred to in the Type O Negative tune "Black No. 1"! I've always wondered! ;-) said...

I was cologne-smelling over the weekend at Bloomingdale's and they had this one, Angel Men A Taste of Fragrance, that smelled like vanilla, mocha and mexican dried peppers. It was really nice.

Aron said...

Burning leaves may be the greatest smell ever. Bought some of this based on your recommendation. Fingers crossed!!!

Other great smells: Halloween candy and gasoline!

Pam Morris said...

intriguing...might have to try this one.