Friday, February 24, 2012

King's Krypt

More images here.


Amy said...

Rot have you seen Take Shelter? Cool flick and great score.

Rot said...

Not yet...we rented something and it was a trailer before the looked amazing...and we love that actor from BUG.

I'll definitely check it out now.

Amy said...

The wife and (I post under her account) I were getting ready to watch The Innkeepers, watched the trailer for Shelter and immediately changed our minds. Needless to say I will be buying the blu ray.

I look forward to your review. It felt like this is what M Night SHOULD be doing.

I think you will be blown away.

Anonymous said...

I recently found one of the "Cornelius Vanatter" tombstones on ebay. Let me tell you that being someone who despises store bought props, that this tombstone is well worth the money. Very thick plastic resin, 48" tall and stands on its own. Will be displaying it in my haunt for sure this year!

Jeff said...

Figure in pic 2 is creepy as hell