Monday, February 20, 2012

Now Playing: Lost In The Humming Air

Samples from an upcoming Harold Budd tribute album:

With "Lost In The Humming Air - Music inspired by Harold Budd" oktaf records announces an amazing collection of thirteen exclusive tracks made by a selection of some of todays best known ambient music producers giving their tribute to the outstanding piano legend Harold Budd.

The playlists features names as: Deaf Center, Loscil, Martin Fuhs, Biosphere, Xela, Marsen Jules, Andrew Thomas, Mokira, Christopher Willits, Taylor Deupree, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Porn Sword Tobacco and bvdub feat. Criss Van Wey.

Click below for a combined-artist sample track (super excited about Loscil being on there):


Paul said...

Somewhat related, I discovered Loscil through your blog. Where should I go after Plume?

Rot said...

: )

Paul said...

Thanks. Can't wait to listen. I've been completely obsessed with Plume.