Monday, February 13, 2012


Whispers: individuals reporting paranormal activity commonly complain about hearing whispering voices, sometimes discernable and sometimes not.

Recognized voices: : sometimes individuals report hearing voices of someone that he or she knows, but the person the voice is associated with isn't present at the location at the time the voices are heard, or the individual that was heard did not actually speak at the time that the voices were recognized.

Unrecognized voices: some voices are heard with amazing clarity at a haunting or a site that has paranormal activity.

Calling Ghost Phenomena: the latter phenomenon involves hearing one’s name called when no one else is present at a location or when no one called out an individual’s name; this is often referred to as the "calling ghost phenomena."

Rapping and banging: unexplained banging, rapping, and strange sounds are commonly reported by individuals experiencing paranormal phenomena. Rapping and banging are also commonly reported on sites experiencing poltergeist activity.

Sounds of movement: Unexplained sounds can be just about anything that an individual hears but cannot later be explained away with a logical source for the sound produced. Such sounds can include the sounds of glass breaking, footsteps, floors creaking, doors slamming, and the sound of furniture moving when no one is present to cause such noise.

Phantom phone calls: these phone calls are sometimes reported by individuals who are experiencing a haunting and consist of an individual receiving a phone call from a deceased individual. When an individual actually receives a phantom phone call, it may sound as if the individual on the other end of the line is quite clear in terms of clarity, but the individual fails to respond to the individual that has answered the phone, or the caller speaks at the call recipient and not directly to them.

Unexplained scratching noises: In some instances, individuals will report hearing scratching noises coming from various areas of a location.

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Jay's Shadow said...

I think it would be cool to do a ghost investagation....

ShellHawk said...

Oh, I love these.

In my parallel life, I am a medium like that woman in The Changeling, and people take me very seriously, even though my name is Madame Arcane and I have a ridiculous Romanian accent.


K.O. said...

The phantom phone call description gave me the chills!

Rot said...

Phantom phone calls were something that was featured a lot on the paranormal shows of my youth...and it always made the phone ringing something horrifying. You never hear about it any more.

Beyond creepy to get a call like that.