Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hidden People


A Spooky Soiree said...

this photo is absolutely horrifying.

Sam Kadi said...

Rot, this is a weird conincidence. Today I was listening to a podcast that I love called Ground Zero Live with Clyde Lewis, whom I found on itunes while searching for an Art Bell substitute. Holy crap, the guy is awesome, I love his show, he's out of Portland and has an actual radio show with great guests, good topics and he is pretty knowledgeable on all things occult/bizarre/conspiracies, etc etc. Anyways, the show I was listening to was an older one and it was about the origins of Christmas and how Krampus and gnomes/elves, etc are a part of the original Nordic origins of Christmas. He was talking about this video. Of course the idea of gnomes being alive are ridiculous, but he has some cool takes on things. I also listened to his show (several hours today) while working in my garden no less, and one was about the Mothman, the Grinning man, the tall man,
Indrid Cold, and how the archetype is a subconscious entity in all of us. Its pretty fascinating, I would highly suggest his podcast to anyone, great for listening while gardening or prop building (which I am about to do, going to build a gargoyle from paper mache) or whatever. Check him out on itunes.

SamKadi, aka GrimmleeFiendish, of the Haunt without a name yet. Thinking of Blood Moon Manor, Forsaken Manor or Haddonfield Manor, or something like that. Thanks again for your site, I always check in and dig your stuff.
Happy Saturday.

Rot said...

There's a video if you click on the photo ; )

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check that out. That's a weird coincidence. I was reading an interview with the artist who does Grickle comics and he mentioned that his Hidden People gnomes were inspired by Nordic folklore and "those real gnome videos on youtube." So I went looking and found this.

Thanks for the post.

Rot said...