Monday, March 19, 2012



ShellHawk said...

Please, oh, please let this have a real, live plot and not just be an "effects movie!"

It's not looking too hopeful... :o(

Aron said...

I take it you're not pleased with the design?

Rot said...

Eh. I'm just annoyed they're forcing me to know the origins of the space jockey. Not thrilled it's CGI..and not thrilled it's a spacesuit of some kind.

But I have to admit the movie looks pretty exciting.

Jay's Shadow said...

Unfortunately CGI has taken over most movies nowadays,but there are still some really great hand made props in movies that you have to search for when watching the movie.

I think it will be intresting to know where the space jockey came from, but I'm not too crazy about the space suit they put him(her?) in. Looks way too fake.

Shotgun_Mario said...

some things are best left untampered with. Probably won't see this unless it gets REALLY GOOD ratings. I value not ruining my own interpretations :p

Mr. Chicken said...

You might enjoy reading the posts here:

From one poster regarding this film: "Take my word for it guys, on Prometheus the exteriors are real but with CG extensions, just like Albert Whitlock used to do in the days of glass/Matte paintings. The interiors ar real sets, some of the biggest I've ever worked on. I cannot tell you how much of the prosthetics/creature effects remain in the final cut, but from what I hear it's alot."

So maybe good news!