Friday, March 16, 2012

Now Playing: Session 9

Really recommend this film.

Click below for a super creepy ambient track from the soundtrack:


Jon Glassett said...

I love Session 9! It was filmed in my neck of the woods. When we were kids, I remember in the Summer months my parents would take me and my sister to this ice cream stand a few towns over, which happened to be in sight of the location of the film. We'd sit in the car eating ice cream and my eyes would constantly shift to this enormous, creepy structure on a hill across the field. It was Danvers State Hospital (originally called the State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers)--a mental asylum from the era of electro-shock "therapy" and trepanning. Lots of abuses and bad, bad stuff happened there. The place was straight out of Lovecraft. It was this gigantic, evil looking brick castle.

When I got older and braver I really wanted to go in there, but the state police were always there to keep the kids out. Fast forward a few years and it was all torn down to build condominiums.

Condos which, incidentally, partially burned down mid-construction at one point. Coincidence?

Here's a great website about the history of the place:

Tworivers said...

You know I.. love that music! Tworivers

Frankenrock said...

Session 9 scared the hell out of me when I first saw it. Great track.. I'd love to hear all the audio of Mary's sessions too.

Speaking of good tracks..Rot have you ever heard of The Marshmallow Ghosts? I think you might dig em..

Pam Morris said...

great film and music!

Unknown said...

Somehow I didn't realize that you could get the Session 9 soundtrack - thanks for this! Buying it now!